Public health capacity building

Capacity for improving and protecting population health is needed  at all levels of society. It is therefore vitally important that we have strategies in place to develop and train people within and beyond statutory and academic institutes to gain appropriate public health skills.  This means that we need to take a global and holistic approach and develop the appropriate skills for individuals as well as establishing robust structures to support and improve public health. Taking steps to improve the way that public health is delivered and managed will help to ensure that it is sustainable.

At Global Health Capacity we have extensive experience of developing training packages for different groups of people from community l to professional level.

We do this by providing the following specific services:

Training, mentoring and coaching for public health

Organisations can rely on us to provide a choice of bespoke public health training programmes. Training can be provided for individuals, small groups or on a larger scale. We are able to devise and deliver training programmes in any aspect of public health and the approach that we take is to understand the needs of your own organisation and tailor our training packages to your specific requirements.

Mentoring and coaching are intended to support individuals to reach their full potential

Expert coaching teaches individuals about specific aspects of their role, to enable them to learn more and to achieve well. Our background in public health means that we can supply tailored coaching in a number of specific areas within this field.

Curriculum development and supporting evaluation

We support educational establishments in their efforts to develop their curriculums.

There are a wide variety of different public health courses available offered by lots of different institutions. The field of public health is changing all of the time and therefore the way in which it is taught needs to change and develop at the same time.

We are able to carry out detailed reviews of curriculums and ensure that they are being taught in the correct way. This means that we take a proactive approach and use our experience to analyse them in a progressive way. We also provide detailed guides on how they can be improved in order to bring out the best in students

We also help to support evaluation to help educational establishments evaluate the impact of their teaching over time.

If your organisation requires support with public health capacity building, we will be happy to discuss your requirements. Please get in touch today.