Bespoke public health consultancy

Our extensive experience means that are able to provide a wide range of consultancy solutions, tailored to your specific needs. We respond to what our clients ask of us, and are well equipped to manage a wide scope of projects and activities.

Our service is bespoke so we devise a custom-made solution for every project. Because we are independent we can step back from any work and take an objective approach.  We provide expertise, resources and guidance and we always try to innovate and take a creative approach. We help our clients to move quickly from an idea, through planning, to delivery of an improved outcome in any scenario.

As well as planning bespoke solutions, we are also available to support management or step into the breach to cover specific roles if that is required. We are also able to expertly evaluate and review existing public health projects and programmes.

Evaluation and audit of public health projects and programmes

Our extensive experience in the public health arena means that we are able to expertly devise and manage detailed programmes to evaluate and audit public health projects and programmes. If you require an independent third party to carry out this sort of specialised work on your behalf then we are in an ideal position to provide support.

Expert public health intelligence

One of the most called-upon consultancy services involves the carrying out of public health intelligence. We provide specialist and bespoke expertise in a wide range of assessments including:

  • Joint strategic needs assessment
    We look at the current and future health and care needs of local communities to guide the planning and commissioning of health, social care and wellbeing requirements.
  • Pharmaceutical needs assessment
    Local health and wellbeing boards in England (HWBs) must carry out PNAs to establish what sort of pharmaceutical support is required in any area. We have carried out pharmaceutical needs assessments for a number of notable clients.
  • Other needs assessments
    We have expertise in carrying out a variety of different investigations to establish care requirements and the best way of delivering public health solutions.

Rapid development of strategy and policies

Because we have the right skill-set– we are well placed to support our public and private sector clients with the rapid development of new strategy and policies. Our independence from existing teams means that we can do this in an unfettered and objective way.

Health conferences

We are experts in organizing public health conferences.  We provide a full range of conference services from thematic development to sourcing appropriate speakers and scientific committees. We also efficiently handle your practical event management and will ensure that your conference is well attended and runs smoothly.

We will be more than happy to discuss your public health consultancy requirements and are available to provide you with the right solution, whatever your need. Please get in touch with us today for an initial discussion.