Understanding the global health context

We operate in an ever-changing environment. Today more than ever before, the health of populations is influenced by decisions and actions which are beyond the boundaries of local areas and countries.

We live in a world where income inequalities have widened across communities around the world. The main result of this is that boundaries between developing and developed countries have become increasingly more blurred.

Rapid developments in modern technology mean that digitalisation and social media increasingly connect people across the globe, yet social isolation within communities has increased.

Providing solutions

At Global Health Capacity, we understand that public health solutions need to be built within this context and we were established to respond to this. We do this by working with clients across the globe at every level of society.

Our holistic model of public health

Our detailed understanding and experience of public health in the global context means that we have developed our own unique model of public health operation.

We understand that there are different factors at work which affect individuals within communities and therefore have a direct impact on the public health of people and communities.

  • National and global factors. These include social justice, tolerance respect and fairness trade and commercial activities, the media and conflict.
  • Neighborhood factors which have an impact on public health include access to affordable housing, public services, training and employment opportunities, and opportunities to be involved in the democratic process, a sense of belonging as well as community support and participation.
  • Then on a personal level people have personal and family relationships, social networks and ties, cultural and faith factors, financial security and domestic safety.At the same time all aspects of health are important including physical mental and spiritual health.

At Global Health Capacity we understand that all of these factors are important, and it is vitally important that the strategies that are put in place to manage public health, take a rounded view.

Our years of working in this sector mean that we bring our expert knowledge of the global health context to bear on the work that we do. We are also committed to taking a fully inclusive approach to try and offset the inequalities which exist in the world.

If you are looking for the right partner to work with you in co-production to support your own public health initiatives then speak to Global Health Capacity today. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and draw up a bespoke solution to support your work.