Expertise in public health management

We are committed to public health and we have the necessary skills and experience to support our clients to ensure that it is managed effectively. Our personnel are able to provide the best support to promote physical health, mental health and well-being. Our objective is to improve the quality of people’s health and promote better access for communities and one of the most effective ways to do this is by influencing leadership and culture in those organisations that are responsible for public health.

Transformation of public health teams and organisational culture

In recent years there has been a growing understanding of the importance of organisational culture in the delivery of healthcare.

Because we have worked on a wide variety of projects in different communities and with lots of different organisations, we are in an excellent position to help senior people to understand and be in touch with the realities of their organisations.

Organisations and other groups of people take a long time to establish, and sometimes their management teams can become complacent.  Effective public health is about caring for people so if staff perceive themselves to be in a culture that doesn’t care, then that has a direct affect on how public health services are provided.

The key to how we operate is being able to establish a clear understanding of what the current culture of the organisation is.  It is then possible to implement any changes that are immediately necessary, support healthcare leaders to manage things in the right way and take your people with you with effective communication and engagement programmes. However, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as a quick fix and this will be a long and ongoing journey…

Short term support to public health directors for specific change management projects

We have been working in the public health sector for a quarter of a century. This has exposed us to a wide variety of different scenarios which have enabled us to develop and hone our understanding of the challenges facing management and equipped us to be able to parachute into an organisation to take responsibility for change management initiatives, projects and to cover roles.

If you require public health management support, Global Health Capacity can devise the right bespoke solution for you. Call us today and we will be happy to assess your requirements.