Inclusive public health leadership

We believe that equity and equality can only be progressed by promoting the practice of inclusive leadership and this needs to be at the very highest levels within public health organisations.

The world in which we live is changing and the people who we serve and the workforces in which we have a role are increasingly diverse. At the same time organisations continue to evolve and we increasingly understand how important leaders are in ensuring that they steer organisations in the right direction. In order to be properly representative, we believe that all aspects of an organisation’s processes must be inclusive including its policy making process, boardroom decision making, recruitment process as well as all aspects of management and administration.

Our experience of working in public health means that we have seen examples where leadership has not been adequately inclusive and this has contributed to inequalities and inequities throughout the organisation.

We support public health leadership and promote inclusive leadership and support healthcare professionals from all backgrounds to excel in their roles.

It is vitally important that leaders understand and are trained in a deep understanding of equality and diversity and how the way things are run and the decisions that are made can have a negative effect on inclusion.

Individuals working in any organisation need to understand and respect diversity in the people whom they are serving.